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This site has been created for you, so you get answers on surgical located exclusively at the face. But not limited to, you will learn some techniques, their indications and sometimes complications.

Regarding any surgery, including aesthetic

• You must be vigilant and ensure the competence and qualifications of your surgeon
• It should be performed in an approved center for Plastic Surgery and preferably in an operating theater.

Due to many abuses on cosmetic surgery, the legislation is fortunately now very strict and few surgeons are recognized as competent by the National Council of the Order of Physicians (CNOM).

Maxillofacial Surgery, registered at CNOM, for any surgery of the face as a whole and has the privilege to attend both the bone and the skin (assuming that the cutaneous projection may be related to the underlying bone projection): it is therefore a topographic surgery.

All maxillofacial surgeons are trained and certified in general surgery before specializing in surgery of the face (six general medicine followed by seven years of surgery).

This is why we often work closely with many colleagues (GPs, ophthalmologists, ENT, dermatology, orthodontists, dentists ...)

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